5. Courses 

The Courses link opens a full list of currently published courses.

The page displays the following data for every course:

- Title – title of the course

- Description – description of the course

- Category - a group to which a course relates

- Published – displays information on whether the course is published or not

- Language – displays the course language

- Created – displays the date of course creation


Fig. 'Courses'



1. Column names at the top of the list are clickable and allow you to sort documents in ascending or descending order:

1. Use the Title link to sort courses alphabetically by name in the ascending or descending order

2. Use the Description link to sort or filter courses by their description

3. Use the Category and Published links to sort or filter courses by category or by status

4. To remove filter criteria, click the necessary link in the column head and select Clear filter from option from the context menu.

2. Courses can be presented in two views: Flat (as shown in the picture) and Tree. Select a necessary view from the View drop down menu in the top right corner of the page.

3. Items of the Courses list can be reordered. To reorder items, select Actions - > Change order at the top. From the drop down lists with numbers select a position for every item and click OK.