6.5 Creating a Global Announcement

Global Announcement is an announcement created for several courses or organizations. The feature is available for organization administrators.


To create an announcement,

1. Click Site Actions on the organization level

2. Select New Global Announcement


Fig. The New Global Announcement Option


3. The window for creating an announcement will appear:


Fig. Creating a Global Announcement


Fill in the fields as required (fields marked with an asterisk are required to be filled out):

- Courses: click Change filter

Fig. Changing Filter


In the Organization tab check necessary Organizations and Categories which contain courses you want to create an announcement for


Fig. Selecting Filter




To select all categories of a specific organization, first check the Check all children button, then the name of the corresponding organization (see the picture above).


To facilitate courses filtration, you may make use of the Custom filters tab. Select courses by filling in the Title, Published, Start date and End Date fields.

Ø If you specify only start date, courses with the same or later publication date will be displayed

Ø If you specify only end date, courses with the same or earlier publication date will be displayed

Ø Courses which do not have start and end dates are displayed regardless the date specified



Once the selection is made, click OK to save the settings


Check the necessary courses. To select all courses, check the Title box.


Fig. Selecting Courses


- Title – enter a title for the announcement

- Body – enter the description of the announcement

- Start Date – specify the date when the announcement becomes available for users

- Expires – specify the date for the announcement to become invalid

- Attachments – use the Browse button to upload necessary files, if any


4. Click OK to save the announcement. Click Cancel to discard the changes.