8.2 Managing Folders

To manage folders that you previously added:

1. Enter the necessary course.

2. Click the Documents link in the left Tools menu. The list of available documents and folders will be shown in the main workspace area.

3. Click the name of the necessary folder and choose one of the following options from the context menu:

§ Click View Properties to preview folder properties;

§ Click Edit Properties to modify folder properties: in the displayed form change the name of the folder and save changes;

§ Click Manage Permissions to assign users and group permissions for this folder;

§ Click Delete to delete the folder from the list;

§ Click Approve/Reject to approve or reject the folder;

§ Click Version History to view the versions of the folder;

§ Click Connect to Client to connect to your Outlook (you’ve got to have MS Office 2007 installed);

§ Click Alert Me to work with notification settings for the selected folder;

§ Click Change New Button Order to control order and visibility of content types on the new button.