8.3 Creating New Document

To create a new document basing on the templates those were specified for the course:

1. Enter the course and open the Documents link in the left Tools menu.

2. In the library open the folder where the newly created document should be stored.

3. At the top of the list click New and select the necessary document type from the context menu:

- Document;

- Website Package;

- Wiki Page;

- Basic page;

- Multimedia content;

- Link to a document.


4. The system will open a document template (you’ve got to have MS Office 2007 installed).


In the schedule approval section, if you do not set any dates when create/upload a document then its status automatically becomes Pending, and then in 5-10 minutes sets as Approved.


5. Create the document using the template. When finished, save the document in the usual manner (go to File > Save As and specify the file name; the system will offer you to store the newly created file in the course library on the server).