8.4 Creating New Multimedia Content

To create new multimedia content:

1. Enter the course and open the Documents link in the left Tools menu.

2. In the library open the folder where the newly created document should be stored.

3. At the top of the list click New and select Multimedia content. The following form will open:


Fig. ‘Uploading multimedia content’


4. Browse a file at the local machine. If a file with the same name already exists in the library, and you want to replace it with the newly uploaded file, select the Overwrite existing files check box. You can as well pass to uploading multiple files by clicking the corresponding link.

5. Press Ok to upload the file.

6. Once the document is uploaded a form for updating the file’s properties will be opened:

Fig. ’Multimedia content settings’.


7. Here you can define the following settings:

- Content type – select type for the document.

- Media player – this option allows you to perform the following actions:

- Define the size of the player’s window – enter the numbers you need in the boxes under the window;

- Assign auto play if required – check the Play box if you want the player to start playing automatically on opening the file;

- Copy to clipboard – click this button to copy the player to the course clipboard if necessary;

- Description – enter the description of the file;

- Keywords – specify words which will help learners find necessary documents (keywords should be entered in the site search field at the top of the page)

- Start Date:

o Enter scheduled approval start date.

- End Date:

o Enter scheduled approval end date.

8. Click on OK to save settings or Cancel to discard.