8.11 Creating Links to Documents

1. You can create links a document in a different location (for example, to a document from another course). Enter the necessary course.

2. Click the Documents link in the left Tools menu. The list of available documents will be shown in the main workspace area.

3. Click the New button at the top of the page and select Link to a Document. The following form will appear:


Fig. ‘Creating Link to a Document: Step 1’


4. Fill out the form fields as follows:

- In the Document Name field enter document name;

- Use the Browse icon () to select the file location.

5. Press OK. The following page will appear:


Fig. ‘Creating Link to a Document: Step 2’


6. In the opened window specify all the fields as described below:

· Content Type – by default its Link to a Document;

· URL the link to the necessary file appears by default.

· Description – use the HTML editor to create document description.

· Link Target select the target for the link from the drop-down list or select the Specify your own value radio button and enter the link url into the field.

· Start date:

o Enter scheduled approval start date.

· End date:

o Enter scheduled approval end date.

7. Click OK to save settings or Cancel to discard them.


The link will appear in the list of the course documents.