9. Learning Paths

 The Learning Paths section allows a user to create educational lines in the studying process. To pass to this section enter the necessary course and click the Learning Path icon in the Course Tools menu:


Fig. ‘List of Learning Paths’



Items of the Learning Paths list can be reordered. To reorder items, select Actions - > Change order at the top.

From the drop down lists with numbers select a position for every item and click OK.


A Learning Path represents a sequence of steps that all students enrolled in a course should complete. The steps of a Learning path may be of various nature: these can be different documents a student should process, educational links a user should view, quizzes a student should complete etc.

A user can add learning paths in two ways:

- Create a learning path

- Upload a SCORM compliant course content

The Learning Paths page also gives a user a possibility to edit, compose and delete learning paths.