5.2 Creating a Course from Template

A Course can also be created with the help of templates. For more information about templates creation, see the Saving Course as Template paragraph.

To create a course,

1. Click the Courses link, and then click New > Create Course from Template

2. The form for course creation will appear


Fill in the fields as required:

- Course Template – select a template

- Course Title and Description – specify a title for the course and enter a short description

- Category – specify a category for the course

- Website Address – specify the course path

- Course Teachers – specify users who are teachers in the course. Use the Check Names and Browse buttons.

- Course Learners – specify users who are Learners in the course. Use the Check Names and Browse buttons.

- Publishing – specify whether you want to publish the course. If Yes, optionally enter start and end dates. Check the Reset list and list item publishing settings option if you want this data to be erased.

- Quota Template – specify whether you want to limit resources used for the site collection


Fig. Creating Course from Template


3. Click OK to save settings. Click Cancel to discard changes.