30. Office Hours


The Office hours feature allows reserving time for meetings and tracking user timetables and appointments calendar.


To work with the Office hours feature, create an Office Hours host through the Central Administration section (for more information about the host creation, see the Install Manual). The Office hours host contains information about Office Hours and allows managing the feature.


To manage appointments on the host home page, there is the Office hours web part.

The Office hours web part can be added to any site. To add a web part, enter Site Actions-> Site Settings-> Site Collection Administration-> Site collection features and click Activate next to the Office hours web part).


The host home page is represented as a calendar where users’ timetables are kept. It has four default groups: Teachers, Assistants, Faculty and Visitor. Users that comprise the first three groups have the Contribute type access rights. The Visitor group users have the Reader type access rights. The Office hours web part displays users with the Contribute type only. For more information about the groups, see the Web part views paragraph.