30.3 Creating a Meeting

Meetings can be arranged with any user from the Teachers, Assistants and Faculty groups.


To create a meeting,

1. From the view drop-down window select a group which contains the user you would like to make an appointment with.


Fig. Selecting a user



For more information about the groups, see the Web part views paragraph.


2. Select a user, view available time intervals and select the one that is convenient for you.


Fig. Viewing time intervals


3. Fill in the fields as required:

Fig. Creating an appointment


- Title – enter the meeting title.

- Location – specify where the meeting will take place.

- Start time – specify start time of the meeting.

- End Time – specify end time of the meeting.

- Description – enter a short description of the meeting, if necessary.

4. Click OK to save the settings. Click Cancel to discard changes.



User you have invited for a meeting can approve or reject the invitation. You will receive an e-mail notification once the users make up their minds.