2.Organization Home Page7

3.Course Home Page11

4.SharePointLMS Web Parts15

4.1Web Parts on the Organization Level15

4.2Web Parts on the Course Level18

4.3Managing Web Parts20

4.3.1Adding a Web Part20

4.3.2Editing a Web Part21


5.1Creating a Course25

5.2Creating a Course from Template27

5.3Viewing Course28

5.4Deleting Courses29

5.5Import/Export Course29

5.6Course Categories Management36

5.6.1Adding New Course Category37

5.6.2Editing Course Category38

5.6.3Deleting Course Category38

5.7Saving Course as a Template39

5.8Cloning a Course40

5.9Joining a Course43


6.1Adding Announcements44

6.2Viewing Announcements45

6.3Editing Announcements46

6.4Deleting Announcements46

6.5Creating a Global Announcement46


7.1Adding Calendar Event52

7.2Viewing and Managing Calendar Events53


8.1Creating New Folders55

8.2Managing Folders56

8.3Creating New Document56

8.4Creating New Multimedia Content57

8.5Creating New Basic Page58

8.6Creating a Wiki Page59

8.7Creating a Website Package60

8.8Uploading Document61

8.9Managing Documents62

8.10Changing New Button Order63

8.11Creating Links to Documents64

8.12Sharing Documents65

8.12.1Creating document shortcuts between courses managed by the same teacher66

8.12.2Sharing documents between all organizations, courses or SharePoint libraries67

9.Learning Paths70

9.1Managing Learning Paths70

9.1.1Viewing Attempts to Pass the Learning Path71

9.1.2Multiple Operations72

9.1.3Deleting Learning Path73

9.2Creating Learning Paths73

9.2.1Editing Item77

9.2.2Specifying Item Prerequisites77

9.2.3Moving Item77

9.2.4Deleting Item77

9.2.5Editing Learning Path’s Properties77

9.2.6Saving Learning Path as Template78

9.2.7Saving Learning Path as Template Including Content78

9.2.8Reusing Learning Path Template on Another Course (Same or Different SharePointLMS Installation)80

9.3Uploading SCORM compliant course content81

9.4Including SCORM into a Learning Path83

9.5Creating Linked SCORM83

9.6Uploading LRM compliant course content84

9.7Including LRM into a Learning Path86

9.8Viewing LRM86


10.1Creating Links87

10.2Creating Folders88

10.3Viewing Link Details89

10.4Managing Folders and Links89

10.5Links Tracking90


11.1Managing Quizzes92

11.1.1Viewing Attempts to Pass a Quiz92

11.1.2Multiple Operations93

11.1.3Deleting Quiz94

11.2Creating Quizzes94

11.3Creating Quiz Questions97

11.4Adding Questions to Existing Quizzes98

11.4.1Question Types98

11.4.2Adding Questions from a QTI Package119

11.5Editing Question120

11.6Saving Quiz as a Template120

11.7Creating Feedback Templates121

11.8Question Pool124

11.8.1Adding Questions to a Pool125

11.8.2Adding Folder to a Pool125

11.8.3Adding Questions from the Pool125

11.8.4Global Question Pool Settings126

11.8.5Saving Question Pool as a Template133


11.9.1Saving Survey as a Template136

12.Drop Box137

12.1Adding Items to Drop Box137


13.1Choosing a System140

13.2Plagiarism List Views Management142

13.2.1Choosing View142

13.2.2Modifying View142

13.2.3Creating View143

13.2.4Managing View settings144


14.1Creating Assignments146

14.1.1Creating an Assignment with grade:146

14.1.2Creating an Assignment without grade:149

14.2Viewing Assignment151

14.3Modifying Assignments152

14.4Modifying Assignment Tasks153

14.5Grading Assignments156

14.6Approving/Returning Assignments or Saving as Draft158

14.7Multi Approval/Returning161

14.8Sharing Attachments162

14.9Deleting Comments on Assignments164

14.10Task Status166

14.11Choosing View167

14.11.1Calendar View167

14.11.2All Assignments167

14.11.3Current Assignments167

14.12Creating View168

14.12.1Creating Standard View168

14.12.2Creating Calendar View168

14.12.3Creating Gantt View168

14.12.4Creating Datasheet View169


15.1Creating a Timetable170

15.2Marking Students Attendance171

15.3Exporting Attendance Statistics172

16.Discussion Board173

16.1Adding a Category173

16.2Adding Discussion to Folder174

16.3Managing Discussions175

16.3.1Editing Discussion176

16.3.2Deleting Discussion176

16.4Viewing and Posting Replies176

16.5Viewing User Information177




19.1Setting Grade Book Items184

19.2Grade Book: Putting Grades Manually184

19.3Adding an AWG Item185

19.4Setting Course as Complete (Automatic Completion)186

19.5Student Progress187

19.5.1Course view189

19.5.2Comparison view191


21.Wiki Page Library198

21.1Creating Wiki Page198

21.2Viewing Wiki Page198


22.1Sending Messages201

22.2Replying to a Message201


23.1Scheduling Reports203

23.2Viewing Reports205

24.Seating Chart206

24.1Uploading a Room206

24.2Creating a Room207

24.3Creating a Seating Chart208

25.Learners & Groups214

25.1User Groups214

25.1.1Creating Custom User Groups214

25.1.2Managing User Groups216

25.1.3Setting up Course Groups217

25.1.4Joining a Course Group217


25.2.1Adding Users219

25.2.2Viewing Group Membership220

25.2.3Managing Users’ Information220


26.1Modifying Information224

26.2Reordering Items225


27.1Modifying Information227

27.2Reordering Items229


29.Parent Access234

29.1Adding a Relationship234

29.2Adding a Report235

29.3Viewing Report237

29.4Parent Dashboard239

30.Office Hours242

30.1Adding Users to Host Site242

30.2Creating a Timetable243

30.3Creating a Meeting244

30.4Approving/Rejecting Appointments246

30.5Web part views248

31.SharePoint List of Actions and Settings249


31.1.1Connect to Client249

31.1.2Edit in Datasheet249

31.1.3Open with Windows Explorer250

31.1.4Export to Spreadsheet251

31.1.5View RSS Feed251

31.1.6Change RSS Feed Settings252

31.1.7Alert Me252

31.1.8Change Order253

31.1.9Add to My Links254

31.2List Settings254

31.2.1Create Columns254

31.2.2Create View255

31.2.3List Settings257

32.LMS User Roles and Permissions258

32.1SharePointLMS Organization Level Administration258

32.2SharePointLMS Course Level Administration260

33.Site Actions Menu263


33.2Edit Page264

33.3Site Settings264

33.4Course Settings265

33.4.1Course Teachers265



33.4.4Course Options267

33.4.5List Publishing Scheduler268

33.4.6Certificate Templates269

33.4.7Scale Templates273